Bernardo Mesa

Bernardo hails from Bogota, Colombia. Colombia, as you may know, is a foreign country. And it isn't part of the United States either. I believe we're currently working on that issue.

Bernardo has over seven first names, our overcompensation for Sunarto's one. Fortunately, Bernardo uses only, that's right, Bernardo.

He's a power-packed brain mobile with a veterinarian degree AND a position at The Smithsonian Institute where he works on Reproductive Physiology and Stress Endocrinology for cats. Lots of cats. Kitties galore! And, as you may know, that's right up our alley.

Bernardo has set his sights on one of our favourite kitties, the Jaguar. And he wants to know two things about the jaguar. For One, he's looking to figure out the stability of glucocorticoid (GLC) concentration in captive jaguar scat (what is it with this lab and scat these days). Why GLC? It ain't Gender Lovin' Care if you know what I mean. Instead, GLC concentrations indicate stress levels, and by figuring out how quickly it degrades in captive scat we'll have a better idea of how accurate the measured levels in wild-crafted jaguar scat.

By starting with the freshest scat around, he'll develop a timeline for degradation.


And for Two, he wants to examine jaguars' stress hormones in areas of high human-jaguar conflict vs protected areas where there is thought to be little conflict. High human conflict usually means people killing or otherwise hurting jaguars to protect cattle, livestock, and/or the new litter of puppies. Why on earth is this important? Because high stress levels impact both reproduction and resistance to disease.

And if there are two things we like, it's healthy kitties and sexy kitties.

Click here to see some of Bernardo's crankin' slides. You might think you're dreaming too.

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