Bernardo Mesa

Bernardo recently completed his Masters Degree, and now he's back for more. Much more. More than any one man can handle, unless you're Bernardo. And you're not. But he is.

Now Bernardo wishes to add a PhD to his growing arsenal of educational weapons. Why? I have no idea. Maybe he'll affix them to a Letterman's Jacket and wear it all over town. Who could blame him? He's basically earning a Varsity Letter in every brain sport there is.

Bernardo likes black bears. They look like gigantic and scary dogs on both the outside and inside. Bernardo likes that. Plus, black bears are surprisingly fluffy. And they eat their food one dainty little bite at a time, instead of ripping off huge chunks and swallowing a whole carcass in seconds. Black bears make cute little noises too. We all like that part a lot.

From cats to bears. What's next for Bernardo? Sasquatch?

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