Christine Proctor

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Christine examines spatial ecology, movement, and habitat use of the endangered Red Wolf in North Carolia. She focuses on Red Wolf movement, particularly where they choose to cross US Route 64. Both NCDOT and the USFWS will use this info when the Route 64 improvement project begins, as it will influence the location of overpasses and underpasses.

As few as 100 Red Wolves remain in the wild. And we don't want to make it any more difficult for them to cross the road. Especically since that road will have four lanes and vacationing drivers barrelling along at seventy miles per hour.

USFWS is in on the gig too, as parts of US Route 64 crosses the Alligator River NWR. Because of Christine's work, both NCDOT and USFWS will adjust their concepts of road building and improvement management. Yay! Real science producing tangible, practical results!

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