Dana Morin


Nothing helps jump-start a project quite like capturing the target animal.

Dana's project has only just begun. Many more coyotes will find their way into her arms before she's through. And when she's through, she'll have a better idea of where these local coyotes range and how and why, and what it means for deer and mice and fluffy kittens left on someone's back porch than anyone else we know.

Plus way more stuff than that, stuff I can't even explain, because I'm just a paltry WebMaster and not a Scientist.

When she isn't cradling coyotes, Dana likes to barbecue fresh meaty chunks of meat and ride bicycles at sunset with wine in her water bottle.

Take a look at Dana's Working Plan for a hint at what she's up to.
And then take a look at her very own website for even more info.

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