David Montague

David looks at diet and feeding ecology of Coyotes in Virginia's Appalachian mountains in hopes of solving the age-old question: Do Coyotes impact deer populations?

Here's the deal: Twice a month David patrols Rockingham and Bath counties with a team of volunteers, scouring the trails for steaming (or even room-temperature) piles of Coyote poo. The gang collects samples for analysis to determine what Coyotes eat and how their diet changes seasonally, if at all. Plus, David uses FLIR heat-sensing monitors to scan for deer in order to estimate local deer populations.

David wants more from poo than just the menu. He's digging deeper. Deeper than ever before into poo. Because Coyote poo just might harbour tons of parasite evidence. And David wants to know which ones. And how many. And how they got there, and how it might relate to Coyote proximity to both humans and domestic animals.

Every poo-poo tells a story, don't it?

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