Erin Poor

Erin lives on the edge. The edge of a defining line, in particular. She's in Wildlife and Fisheries, but funded by Geography's GeoSpacial programme. But we'll focus on Wildlife, because she's crankin' on tigers. In Sumatra. Wild!

Erin grew up in Michigan, where she spent entire years outside running around in the woods. She doesn't care about the cold. She doesn't care about the wet. She only cares about...kitties. And guess what? Tigers are just one of many forms of kitties.

Speaking of Tigers, they're having a tough time all over the world. Erin recognises that tons of development in SouthEast Asia will most likely affect Tigers, because roads and trains and subdivisions and airports and factories will occupy space close to and/or on top of Tigers. She wants to look at where the Tigers live, how and why they move all over the place, and then provide that info to various responsible parties so that the inevitable development doesn't hinder Tigers. Check it out: Developers could actually use this info to promote Tigers. Make more Tigers. Have Tigers everywhere (except maybe the supermarket) instead of nowhere.

I like that. And so do you.

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