Kanchan Thapa

Kanchan likes kitties. He likes them a lot. So much so that he learned to communicate with kitties solely by purring. Maybe he's the only guy on the entire planet who can do that: Have a conversation with a kitty through purring alone. Him and Siegfried and Roy, I mean.

Kanchan comes to us from Nepal. Kathmandu, to be specific. Now he's back in the Terai Arc Landscape of Nepal following Tigers around in the jungle. He wants to know every last detail about these Tigers, and so do we. This includes, but is not limited to: what they eat, where they go, how often they sleep, who they date, and what to do about making sure these Tigers hang around for a very long time.

Elephant rides, camera traps, scat collection and DNA analysis, sophisticated computer programmes for modelling and population estimation, wow, Kanchan uses every tool in the old tool box. And good thing too.

Now get on out there and save some kitties!

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