Lindsey Rich

Lindsey is a closet Billy Idol fan and, as such, has chosen to model her social life on one of his early hits. Who can blame her? When you've got moves like Lindsey's, you have a moral responsibility to share them with....yourself.

She's already got her Bachelors degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. That's right. And she's got a Masters degree in the same thing from the University of Montana. What a star! And now she's going for her PhD. Get out of town!

Lindsey likes kitties. No surprise there. She likes doggies too, if you consider Hyenas a dog, and I do, because I'm not a Scientist. But a Scientist will tell you in a heartbeat that Hyenas are in fact grouped in with cats. Crazy! Hold on now, there's more. Lindsey wants to establish non-invasive monitoring techniques for carnivore assemblages in N Botswana. She wants to look at Leopards in particular, because no one really knows much about them at all. She wants to find out about Leopards. All About Leopards. And then tell everyone who will listen.

I think you should go right here to see what Lindsey put together recently for your viewing pleasure. I went there, and I liked it. I am not lying. And go here for a paper she published. She's an author!

And download her CV too. Why not? I did. Hey wait, there's more. She's got her own CrowdRise site too, appropriately named Wild Joys. Go here to see it for yourself. And the old adage is true, every little bit helps. To put it another way, years from now you might be saying to your grandchildren, or to some homeless guy on the street: "I helped save some kitties once".
Yup, priceless.

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