Sunarto comes to us via Jogja, on the island of Java, within the nation of Indonesia. Sunarto is his full name. Not Sunarto Something Else or Johnny Sunarto, or even Sunarto Sunarto. Nope. Just plain old Sunarto.

For years Sunarto dreamed of qualifying for the X Games. That failing, he turned to biology and wildlife studies. He loves dirt bikes. And dirt. And popping wheelies. Backflips off a twenty-foot high earthen ramp? Not quite there yet. Check in with him next year.

In the meantime, Sunarto studies the Sumatran Tiger using non-invasive techniques such as remote camera traps, scat collection (always fun), and hair collection traps. This data will allow him to create a living catalogue of the remaining wild population, and aid in the development of survival strategies.

When he isn't explaining why he has only one name, Sunarto enjoys spraying dirt into the face of his rivals. And popping wheelies. Take a closer look at some of his outrageous antics by clicking here.

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