Zack Farris

Zach and his family just returned from eighteen months in Madagascar, long enough to star in his own soap opera, and long enough to erase all memories of the US from his two boys' brains.

He studies the impact of habitat fragmentation on endemic carnivore species in Madagascar, particularly around the Masoala peninsula. If you didn't know, and you didn't, that peninsula is a biodiversity hotpot and yet we know almost nothing about its carnivores. Especially, but not limited to, the Fosa. Fragmentation, poaching, human encroachment on habitat, it's all happening and just might have some unpleasant impacts.

Zach employs remote cameras, DSTANCE estimation, and his two young boys as bait. He interweaves French, English, and Malagasy in hopes of making himself understood. At night he enjoys clubbing in town wherever the President works the turntables.

Here's something straight from the lad himself .

And here's his gigantic PPT presentation outlining his project proposal in glorious detail.

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