The Importance of Private Funding

Have you ever wanted to directly contribute to the preservation of species and habitats? Do you have a thing for large cats? On this page you'll find practical and immediate ways to further Marcella's research in Virginia (bobcats), Belize (jaguar, puma, & ocelot), and in Tanzania (leopards), and Madagascar (fossa).

Marcella's research and field work require cameras and related gear, 35mm film and processing/printing, radio telemetry equipment, transportation by air and land, stipends or salaries for assistants and guides, bench fees for lab use, navigational and orienteering tools, and meals and lodging while in the field. And all of these items require funding.

You can help further Marcella's research with a contribution of any amount, either by check or credit card.

Support wild cat research by sending a tax-deductible check to:

Dana Keith--Program Support
College of Natural Resources, Development
Virginia Tech
323 Cheatham Hall
Blacksburg VA 224060-0324

Please make your check payable to:
Virginia Tech Foundation--Remote Camera Research

Support wild cat research by credit card:

Click here to open Virginia Tech's Secure Giving page in a new browser window, and follow these simple instructions:
Select College of Natural Resources from the drop-down menu
Enter an amount you wish to contribute
Fill in the relevant Payment Information & Personal Information
In the Questions or Comments box at the bottom of the form, enter the following:

Please submit funds to The Remote Camera Research and Jaguar Project.

You will receive notification upon receipt of funds.

Marcella sincerely thanks you for your generosity. What's more, the big cats she studies thank you as well, for you've just taken a proactive step towards saving their lives.

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